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I'm Your Huckleberry

As most of you who have been in college at some point or another know, spring semester is like senioritis on crack. Motivation is at an all time low as everyone eagerly waits for school to let out and summer FINALLY begins.
March was an o.k. month. I can't recall anything super special about it, other than one trip. Reina and I drove 3 hours south to Tombstone, AZ. Now, if you haven't seen the movie with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, I suggest you stop reading this and get to watching. I grew up watching Tombstone as it was a staple movie in my family. Much like people have a staple food in their family, we had the 1993 classic western, Tombstone. The movie takes you back in time with an -almost- historically accurate tale of the Earp brothers, the infamous Doc Holiday, Big Nose Kate, Josephine and their challenges of living in the silver mining town of Tombstone.
Upon our arrival to the restored version of the original booming town of Tombstone near the border of AZ and Mexi…