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Mental Health and Me

As it is September, and Fall quickly approaches- I start to get excited for what is to come. Soon my big sister will be getting married in Hawaii. I am so stoked to experience island life for the first time- and as my best friend said last night, maybe I will like it so much I won't come back.
While that's not entirely plausible, it got me thinking. Why would I even consider something like that, and where does the desire to fly away from this small town appeal to me so much?
The year is 2017 and as a nation, we are finally starting to accept the concept of good (and not so good) mental health. We are now more accepting of people who have struggles and are more vigilant towards the signs and symptoms within our selves. At least I know that I am. For starters I recognize that I am not always the most happy person. I have my struggles, and I have noticed that in my adult life my struggles are harder to overcome at certain times. I know that my mental health isn't always in th…