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Growing Pains

It's now June of 2017... can I just ask... where the heck has the time gone? IT IS JUNE!
I swear yesterday we were still in January. The year is pretty much half way over at this point, and just as things do and are expected- things are changing. But what I didn't expect was that SO many things would be changing and so quickly differing from what my plans were. I guess that is the way of the world though. So here's what's changing:
1. I am entering a new age... I am just a month shy of 22, so that means my age is changing and along with it- my new theme song courtesy of T Swift is about to play on repeat.
2. I am staying to reside in the Sonora area. As my original plan to return to Arizona has been postponed  (for a smart and responsible reason) I am now on the hunt for a place of my own.
3. I AM MOVING OUT ON MY OWN. Holy cow... this isn't something that I was totally planning on, at least not yet- but I believe that it is time and I am ready for it.
4. Commun…