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My Last Week on the West Coast.

I am going to be travelling up the coast of California with my family for a last getaway before I have to head South East to Tempe, AZ. I have family coming down from Idaho to visit, and it'll be awesome to be able to spend time with them before I move onto Lope Country.
In a way it almost feels like a farewell to my old life. I know that my family will always be around and will be here for me, but I won't be able to see them for a long time. It's almost like I am starting a new life and the fact that it will be my last times spent with my family and my last times in CA for a while, it really does feel like the end to something.
It's a positive thing, and I am looking forward to this time I get to spend with those that I love and care about so much. I know that when I return to California and see my family again, I might be different... maybe even more grown up and put together. I guess that's part of the plan of going off to college. I can't wait to come hom…

Anxious Autumn

You know, everyone always says that at some point you have to fly the nest. I feel as though I've already done that, but I guess on a lot less of a incline.. It was really more of a fall out of a five foot tree, if that. Now that I am preparing to fly the nest all the way to Arizona, that's a total different story. I've never really had to fly so far and be totally on my own like I am about to be. I am about to embark on an adventure fit for a full grown adult bird.
I know it may seem kind of weird that I keep comparing myself to a bird, but somehow it makes sense. I feel like a Canadian Goose about to fly south for the winter.. except it's not winter and I am really just going to college.
I have had all summer to prepare for this, both mentally and with getting all my stuff* together. Now that summer for me has but two measly weeks left, the reality of how ill-prepared I feel is setting in and I can't lie, I am starting to freak out a bit. I have to pack up my ca…

Finally Coming Along

Summer is coming to a close, and as fall finally draws near I am getting anxious to finally move into my new dorm. At the beginning of this year I started to consider transferring to a new school. My previous school I was attending last year in the Napa Valley was depressing and not the right fit for me. I knew if I was going to be successful in school I had to get out of there and go somewhere I would be happy. I started looking into Grand Canyon University, and low and behold I felt the calling to get my nursing degree there.
It's scary to think that I will be 12 hours away from my family and my friends here in California, but I also know that I will make new friends and I am looking forward to this new adventure. I can't wait to get to travel and see what seems like a whole new world over in AZ. I'm even looking forward to the heat and a whole new culture.
It feels as though my life is finally coming along. I am a single woman in her early 20's and what more could…