Showcase vs. Modest Mentality and Me

Over the past couple weeks a certain thought has made its way into my mind time and time again. I keep thinking about success and what the measure of success looks like. I believe the common picture of success looks like someone who has achieved the peak of the American Dream. Someone who has just gotten a great promotion and is making a boat load of money. This person most likely has a home that may be too big for their family, but they want it any way because it showcases their wealth. They probably drive a fancy car that they wash way too often and drive down the street to the mail box just for a chance to show it off. In my life I have always caught myself aspiring to be like these showcasers with a showcasing mentality. Due to TV standards I always thought that that was the picture I needed to achieve in order to be seen as successful. As I have grown up and have joined the work force I have learned some things about myself and what my true measure of success looks like. Let me p…

A recounting of 2017

Twenty- Seventeen was a crazy year. There were so many hard, crazy and confusing events last year that have left me looking back and trying to make sense of everything. It almost seems as if the whole year had been a blur, I am sure I am not the only one that thinks that. 2017 was a rollercoaster. When the year started I was in Arizona having the time of my life. I was having so much fun adventuring and experiencing new places and cultures. While I was away having the time of my life though, on the scale of how life usually goes, some people close to me had passed away. One of the most caring, kind and uplifting friends I have had in my life was killed in a freak accident at work. I had seen him just a few months prior and I will never forget the meaning and truth behind our last conversation. I probably would have said a lot more had I known it would be our last. But, that's how it goes I think. I think there's a saying that when things get difficult, they come in threes? Wel…

Mental Health and Me

As it is September, and Fall quickly approaches- I start to get excited for what is to come. Soon my big sister will be getting married in Hawaii. I am so stoked to experience island life for the first time- and as my best friend said last night, maybe I will like it so much I won't come back.
While that's not entirely plausible, it got me thinking. Why would I even consider something like that, and where does the desire to fly away from this small town appeal to me so much?
The year is 2017 and as a nation, we are finally starting to accept the concept of good (and not so good) mental health. We are now more accepting of people who have struggles and are more vigilant towards the signs and symptoms within our selves. At least I know that I am. For starters I recognize that I am not always the most happy person. I have my struggles, and I have noticed that in my adult life my struggles are harder to overcome at certain times. I know that my mental health isn't always in th…

Twenty- Two

It's July now, and with July comes my birthday! As of last weekend, I am officially twenty- two. I had a fabulous weekend. I got to spend Friday with my closest friends over the Sonora Pass in Bodie State Park. It was a beautiful drive, yet kind of scary too. Rhonda the Honda doesn't have much guts it turns out and making it up and over the pass was a bit of a challenge. We made it though and got to walk around seeing all of the awesome artifacts and old buildings of the ghost town. Afterwards we went to Travertine Hot Springs and got a free show by some nude hippies enjoying the springs. Needless to say, we didn't stay very long. We went to dinner at the Sportsman in Bridgeport before heading back over the pass into the sunset. It was so beautiful. It had been a while since I have seen such beautiful sights and I can't wait to go back up there soon to hike around or camp or something. When we got back from our day trip, my friends Micenley, Marissa and I went night sw…

Growing Pains

It's now June of 2017... can I just ask... where the heck has the time gone? IT IS JUNE!
I swear yesterday we were still in January. The year is pretty much half way over at this point, and just as things do and are expected- things are changing. But what I didn't expect was that SO many things would be changing and so quickly differing from what my plans were. I guess that is the way of the world though. So here's what's changing:
1. I am entering a new age... I am just a month shy of 22, so that means my age is changing and along with it- my new theme song courtesy of T Swift is about to play on repeat.
2. I am staying to reside in the Sonora area. As my original plan to return to Arizona has been postponed  (for a smart and responsible reason) I am now on the hunt for a place of my own.
3. I AM MOVING OUT ON MY OWN. Holy cow... this isn't something that I was totally planning on, at least not yet- but I believe that it is time and I am ready for it.
4. Commun…

Taking Advantage

This past month, I have spent some much needed time at home. I've noticed something, though, and I'm thinking it's a good thing. Since I left Tuolumne County, I have seen so much more of this world and so much more of myself in a new light. I have gotten out of my comfort zone, experienced life the way I love it to be, and found peace within myself I wasn't allowed to find in the confounds of my small town. Living in a big city changes your perspective in some ways. Phoenix is all kinds of things. It's friendly, scary, peaceful, beautiful, dirty, clean and much more all at the same time. There are so many different things happening all at once there. It seems as if life never slows down. I found a new appreciation for the quite, for the clean air, and for the shade trees of Tuolumne County. While I am here I don't have to hear gun shots in the same aspect of city life. I am not thinking that someone was just shot or that some place was robbed. Instead, I think …

I'm Your Huckleberry

As most of you who have been in college at some point or another know, spring semester is like senioritis on crack. Motivation is at an all time low as everyone eagerly waits for school to let out and summer FINALLY begins.
March was an o.k. month. I can't recall anything super special about it, other than one trip. Reina and I drove 3 hours south to Tombstone, AZ. Now, if you haven't seen the movie with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, I suggest you stop reading this and get to watching. I grew up watching Tombstone as it was a staple movie in my family. Much like people have a staple food in their family, we had the 1993 classic western, Tombstone. The movie takes you back in time with an -almost- historically accurate tale of the Earp brothers, the infamous Doc Holiday, Big Nose Kate, Josephine and their challenges of living in the silver mining town of Tombstone.
Upon our arrival to the restored version of the original booming town of Tombstone near the border of AZ and Mexi…