Showcase vs. Modest Mentality and Me

Over the past couple weeks a certain thought has made its way into my mind time and time again. I keep thinking about success and what the measure of success looks like. I believe the common picture of success looks like someone who has achieved the peak of the American Dream. Someone who has just gotten a great promotion and is making a boat load of money. This person most likely has a home that may be too big for their family, but they want it any way because it showcases their wealth. They probably drive a fancy car that they wash way too often and drive down the street to the mail box just for a chance to show it off. In my life I have always caught myself aspiring to be like these showcasers with a showcasing mentality. Due to TV standards I always thought that that was the picture I needed to achieve in order to be seen as successful. As I have grown up and have joined the work force I have learned some things about myself and what my true measure of success looks like. Let me paint you a portrait.
In my version of the successful person's life, I see someone who, yes makes a decent amount of money, but doesn't use this money in vain. Money is of little value in the scheme of life in comparison to the people, places, experiences, and adventures you find yourself knowing. A measure of success to me is the quality of a person's friends and the quality of life they provide. It considers whether or not they can be considered a roll model, if they are kind, and if they are modest. I would much rather have a modest mentality. I would much rather in my life time have a modest house that's warm and full of memories than one that is too large and too empty. I want a home that is full of albums of the great adventures I have been on. The concerts I have been to, the trips I have been on, and the people I have met along the way. I would much rather show those albums off than have a home 10 times too big and a flashy car I convinced myself I had to have just to show people that I made it.
I think about the end of the day. What would you rather have at the end of the day? A bunch of money from a job you likely hate but you keep to show off to the fake friends you've made that you can afford a G Wagon and a palace? Or would you rather have a few quality friends, all of which have a slot in the tattered and ruffled pages of the most exciting photo album containing the adventures of your life tucked into a corner bookcase in your cozy warm humble home?
If someone was asking me, every single time I would say I would rather have less and have more memories, than have a bunch of stuff I have to work off and have experienced none of the world.
The world is so large yet so small and why not spend the time and money to see it. I just can't imagine living a life so dull that I never leave my small town. There is SO much more to life than that.


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