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Life Is Good

Upon moving to Arizona I have been blessed in so many ways. I never anticipated this "new life" I was starting for myself would end up being so successful. I set out to reset my life, and in many ways I believe I have achieved that goal.I was able to walk away from a toxic situation for once and for all, and in doing so I walked into a place where I was able to find myself again. I have found my happiness and independence, and I owe a lot of the credit not just to myself but to the friends I have made along the way. God has blessed me a lot this year. He made it possible to move out of state and go to a great school where I was able to do so much growing. I met my best friends here, and there isn't a thing about that that I would change. The four of us have been so blessed as a group as well. We have been able to travel and experience the nature and beauty that surrounds us here in Arizona. We got to go on a three day road trip up north and camp under the stars at the Gr…