Life Is Good

Upon moving to Arizona I have been blessed in so many ways. I never anticipated this "new life" I was starting for myself would end up being so successful. I set out to reset my life, and in many ways I believe I have achieved that goal.I was able to walk away from a toxic situation for once and for all, and in doing so I walked into a place where I was able to find myself again. I have found my happiness and independence, and I owe a lot of the credit not just to myself but to the friends I have made along the way. God has blessed me a lot this year. He made it possible to move out of state and go to a great school where I was able to do so much growing. I met my best friends here, and there isn't a thing about that that I would change. The four of us have been so blessed as a group as well. We have been able to travel and experience the nature and beauty that surrounds us here in Arizona. We got to go on a three day road trip up north and camp under the stars at the Grand Canyon. We were able to wake up one morning on the sandy beach of Lake Powell. We camped on the edge of a cliff in Prescott. As a group we've hiked to Horseshoe Bend, around the Vermillion Cliffs, Camelback mountain to see the sunrise- and in the same day hiked to Lockett Meadow in Flagstaff. We camped under the stars in 20 degree weather there in one of the most beautiful places, which reminds me a lot of home. We've seen the beautiful mesas surrounding Sedona... and got scared out of our pants by a javalina  (a wild pig type animal) in the middle on the pitch black night standing on the road. We got to see the most spectacular sunset in Lake Havasu City. We were able to nerd out and walk across the London Bridge and paddle boat at the Lake Havasu State Park. We have been so blessed with our ability to travel and see all these amazing sights. Speaking for myself I have been so blessed to have friends that share the same sense of wanderlust that I have. On top of all that, we've been able to find some of the best places to eat in many different places around the state. With all of our adventures this semester, I can't wait to see what is in store for us when we come back from Christmas break. I am in love with this new life with these new beautiful friends of mine. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me as we move into the new year soon. Life is so good.

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