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New Semester, New Goals, New Ambition

As I am entering the spring semester, I have been struggling a little bit with finding my ambition in school. It's not like I have lost my passion for why I am going to school in the first place, but the spring semester is always harder than the fall. I had nearly a month off from school, but upon arriving back to Phoenix, it was like I never left. Getting back into the swing of this has been challenging, mostly because (although I did) it feels like I didn't really have much of a break. I have a whole new set of classes to put my mind towards and my job to fill my evenings, but not a whole lot of downtime. Maybe I just feel burnt out. Right now it is only Wednesday in the second week back to school and it feels like senior year and having senioritis. I don't want to do anything except watch Friends and drink endless espresso. Even though I have yet to find my motivation, I know this semester is going to go better than last... I can just feel it. I just may have to give my…