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Showcase vs. Modest Mentality and Me

Over the past couple weeks a certain thought has made its way into my mind time and time again. I keep thinking about success and what the measure of success looks like. I believe the common picture of success looks like someone who has achieved the peak of the American Dream. Someone who has just gotten a great promotion and is making a boat load of money. This person most likely has a home that may be too big for their family, but they want it any way because it showcases their wealth. They probably drive a fancy car that they wash way too often and drive down the street to the mail box just for a chance to show it off. In my life I have always caught myself aspiring to be like these showcasers with a showcasing mentality. Due to TV standards I always thought that that was the picture I needed to achieve in order to be seen as successful. As I have grown up and have joined the work force I have learned some things about myself and what my true measure of success looks like. Let me p…