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Ambiguously Achieving Ambition

Last year when I graduated high school and moved on to bigger and better things like college, I had it all planned out. In the beginning I was going to be a nurse. But, that wasn't just it, I was going to be the best damn nurse you'd ever seen. I was going to be an OB nurse and I would be the only one you'd want to be around while you're trying to give birth. That was my goal but somewhere along the way things changed. I decided that that wasn't really what I wanted to do. I got lost you see, and when I got lost my ambition went out the window. I had no want to go to the one and only class I found myself neglecting. I dropped 3 classes before they even started and I realized that I was not ready for this. I was not at a place where I was ready to go to school again and take a bunch of classes that were hardly relevant to where I wanted to take my life. And so, in leu of my decision to drop a few classes I obtained a bit of student debt.
One semester in and five- hu…