New Year, New Adventures

Last month, in January, I was able to have a great start to the new year.
I went to Disneyland with my family and was able to take my roomie with me which was really special. I love being able involve people I am close to in my family occasions. My nieces and nephew loved Reina and one night kept tackling her and playing dog pile for a good half hour.
We were at Disney for two magical days... reference intentional (hehe).The first day my brother and his wife were also able to join with their son for the day which was really great, considering we all live so far apart. It was almost like a family reunion... My mom was also there all the way from Idaho! I always love spending time with my mom, as I've gotten older I have come to find how fun and awesome she really is. She bought us some yummy macaroons and went on all the big kid rides after my nieces and nephew went to sleep.
    It was sunny- jacket weather, but that turned into clouds followed by showers the next day when we went over to California Adventure. We got to meet so many characters the kids love, and got to have a blast ourselves. I wouldn't encourage anyone to go on CA Screaming in the rain though, it hurts. Now I realize why Reina refused to go with me
We had great time at Disney, but things took a bit of a turn when we left... more than just the cloud of being sad having to leave the Magic Kingdom. It turned out that my car got towed and that was a pretty hefty fine... guess I learned my lesson on that one. I'm going to be flipping a lot of pizzas to repay that debt. Reina and I made headway on our journey at around 11pm getting us to school at around 6 am. There were a lot of Redbull wings helping us on that one.
The good thing is that I got to spend time with my family, and even with a hiccup like that, Reina and I were able to get back to Phoenix safe and on time.

   Since our trip to LA we've been hard at work at school, and for me, at work. We were able to take a little break from it all and go on a small day trip, just the two of us to a ghost town. We drove and hour out of Phoenix to Apache Junction and went to the Goldfield Ghost Town. There was nothing Ghost about it. Apparently, it had been turned into a living museum and we couldn't tell what was original and what was newly built. It was still nice to get out though.

   Now that we are in February (we're each others valentine btw, since you know... college is for school not dating...ha ha) I am looking forward to what adventures come our way!

Here's a pic of a ~20 foot cactus

Also, here's a video of my family having some fun in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Check out more photos uder "awkward photos at Disneyland".

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